How to Convert an OST File to a PST File? with 100% Accuracy


How to Convert an OST File to a PST File with Attachments?

For those who do not know, the .ost file is an offline folder in Microsoft Outlook. This folder exists so that users can work offline, where they can work without difficulties with the files. As soon as the computer connects to the Internet, OST folder is synchronized, which ensures that all changes made are saved.

Most of the time, you need to convert a .ost file into a .pst file, which is a personal storage table or, in short, a personal folder in which the user has a certain space to work. This can be very useful when working on delicate projects.

As for the conversion, there are several ways to do it, one of the best solutions is to use Gael OST to PST Converter. However, before returning to this, let’s look at some ways to convert OST file to PST format.

Why do I Need to Convert OST to PST File?

Well, there are a lot of reasons why you need to convert OST file to PST file. But because most of us are too busy to handle what we have, we often tend to take other perspectives. The good news is to investigate some of the reasons why you need to convert .ost files to .pst files.

  • Exchange Server Downtime: First, one of the most common reasons for the conversion is Exchange server downtime. If this server fails or is being repaired, you will lose access to your mailbox. Of course, you can use a .ost file, but since the later requires a connection to Microsoft Exchange Server, we recommend that you convert it to a .ost file and import it into your Outlook profile for ease of use.
  • Crashes of Exchange Server: There are situations where the Exchange server crashes, and when this happens, the situation is strange and uncomfortable for the general user. If something happens on the Exchange server, you will not be able to access the file immediately. In this situation, it is best to associate the .pst file with the Outlook profile.
  • Flexible Accessibility: One of the main limitations of an OST file is that the file cannot be accessed from a profile other than the created profile or the data stored in the file. This means that every time it is created, this file is encrypted and linked to the created profile.
  • Fortunately, converting an OST file to a PST file makes this process unnecessary.
  • Possibility of Corruption: As mentioned above, you can use OST files even when you are not connected to the Internet. When the connection is restored, everything is synchronized and sent accordingly. However, if the file gets corrupted during this process, everything stored in the database is lost. Something that is not surely a good experience.

However, you do not need to worry about this issue when converting .ost files to .pst files.

For these reasons, I hope you will be persuasive enough to start the file conversion. Especially important information is preserved and I don’t want to lose it.

How to Convert an OST File to a PST File?

There are many applications available for converting OST files into PST folder, but here we recommend one of the best programs name as Gael OST to PST Converter for safe and quick conversion. This software is designed to transfer the bulk of OST emails items to PST format. In addition, the user interface is very simple and convenient. No technical knowledge is required to run the software, even beginners can easily use this utility. Furthermore, this tool offers many reliable features. The main functions are as follows.

  • Support batch conversion from OST file to PST format.
  • Transfer huge OST data files with attachments into PST.
  • Performed OST file in PST migration without any data loss.
  • Easily export OST database of any size to PST file format.
  • Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Outlook application.

You can also try a free demo version of this program. This allows users to convert first 25 OST items from each OST folder into PST mailbox, and so on. Therefore, if you are satisfied, you can purchase a licensed version and continue bulk converting OST messages to PST folders.

Steps to Convert an OST File to a PST File

  • Download and run OST file to PST file conversion software.
  • Click on [Add File] or [Add Folder] to display the OST data.
  • Select the mailbox folder data and click the [Next] button to move.
  • Select PST as saving format from the list several options.
  • Hit Convert to analyze the conversion procedure.

Manual Method to Transfer EML to Mac Mail

  • Go to File> Open and Export and click Import / Export.
  • A new window will open. You must click the Export file and then click Next.
  • In the next step, continue to select the second option indicating Outlook data file (.pst) and click Next again.
  • All you have to do is select the folder to export and click Next again.
  • When this is complete, navigate to the location where you want to save the file, select how to handle duplicate files, and click Finish.

Drawbacks of Manual Method.

The above methods have various limitations, due to which users always use automated solutions to import OST files into PST format. Some key disadvantages are listed below.

  • The manual approach takes a long time for importing .ost files to .pst files.
  • This method is very complicated for ordinary users.
  • Incorrect procedures can cause data loss and corruption, as well as system damage.

Last Words

Migrating from one mail client to another is very difficult. After analyzing the problem of converting OST files to PST, this blog presents the best-automated solution to transfer data from OST files into Outlook PST mailbox without loss or corruption of data. Nevertheless, always keep in mind the disadvantages of the manual method when users are using it. If you are a regular reader or our blog then you read about MTD Bridging Software to Taxpayers.

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