Features of building applications with Node.js

applications with Node.js

How to create an application with Node.js? Advantages of this framework. Which company will help you make the right product?

How to create an application with Node.js?

Building mobile apps with Node.js is a good choice for business growth. Many users do not use a PC when they order a service or purchase a product; it is often more convenient and faster to do it on a smartphone or tablet. Opening the browser all the time and then loading the site is not very convenient and takes much longer compared to using mobile applications built with Node.js. Today we want to discuss this framework’s features and main advantages.

Who needs the app?

Currently, applications for mobile devices are used in almost any business area: trade, finance, construction, medicine, publishing, logistics, education, media, tourism, and many others. And it is much faster and more convenient, although ideally, for business growth, it is better to use a combination: of website, application, and social networks.

With the growing popularity of app usage, many businesses are moving their services and products to app options.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a framework that runs on Google Chrome with a V8 engine that converts the Java Script programming language into machine code.

JavaScript, thanks to Node.js, functions simultaneously with input and output devices, using third-party libraries created using other programming languages. Also, this framework has an event-driven structure. With high-speed operation, it can handle many synchronous active connections, creating applications that can scale.

The primary purpose of this program is to allow developers to apply the new stack, which allows them to write code for server-side functions.

Benefits of this framework

Many developers turn to Node.js because the program has several advantages:

  • high development speed;
  • instant responses when using;
  • the ability to process and store a considerable amount of data;
  • scalability in real-time;
  • reliability from the destructive influence of programs from the outside.
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It is the most popular type of development today, which is why the most prominent companies use it: Microsoft, Netflix, IBM, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, NASA, and many others.

The main stages of creating such software

Creating an application is a complex process involving several essential steps, which we want to discuss in more detail.

Platform selection

Since there are different operating systems, creating only a single application for all mobile devices is impossible.

Initially, you should choose the Android or iOS platform, but you can create an application for several operating systems simultaneously. Since Android occupies more than 70% of devices, it is better to opt for this system. The system is installed on iPhones and iPods, which are wealthy customers. The choice of the platform also affects the development methods, the launch of the application, and the cost of creating the application.


Not a small role in popularity is played by the application’s design, which should be pleasant and memorable. The application should have such an appearance that it would like to be placed on your desktop screen. Also, the design should have its image and be in your brand’s style.

Ease of use

This property is worked out in advance, as it is an essential element in the development that must be considered. If the application menu is complex and incomprehensible, then it is unlikely that they will want to use it. There should be quick access to all main sections, not a chain of “entrances” and wandering through subsections. The more accessible and more convenient the application to use, the more popular it will be.

Code generation

One of the main stages is to create the Node.js code that will directly affect the functioning of the application: response speed, efficiency, and technical support. To reduce the load on the server, the amount of code should be kept to a minimum. The Node JS Express framework can execute the code structure, with the help of which the code is created much faster, but does not affect the high quality. Since this framework is prevalent, it will be easy for specialists to understand the code.

Filling in content

The application is less voluminous than the site, but it must initially contain the necessary information. The quality of the text, video, and photo files affects the application’s popularity – whether they want to install it. The central part of the information is loaded at the end of the release, but the leading sectors with information are initially established.

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Conducting tests

With testing, the application can be launched because the test can detect errors or inconsistencies within the system that need to be corrected for smooth operation. The poor quality of the application will immediately alienate users, and it will not be widespread in this quality.

Several levels of testing are carried out to ensure there are no errors and that the system works.

The following types of testing are carried out:

  • functional – to detect errors in code;
  • load – the interface and “comfort” of use are checked;
  • security and reliability – for its external protection and the degree of vulnerability from “attacks.”

At the end of testing, a register of errors is created that must be fixed, or if this is just a weak point in the program, then it is “strengthened” and improved.

Product release and promotion

When the testing is completed, they start the release. The application is uploaded to the App Store or Google Play – it depends on the choice of the underlying OS. Further, the application must pass moderation (fulfilling requirements in social networks, forums, online conferences, and communities). After that, the application will be available to the audience.

For promotion, it is essential to update the content (if necessary) regularly. And the creation of the application and its advertising can be done by specialists who will make it popular and in demand, such as SECLgroup.

Where to order an application development service?

Most companies need a website with an application to sell their products faster. A SELCgroup of qualified specialists with many years of experience in this field – more than 15 years on the market will help create a quality application.

SECLgroup cooperates with companies from 24 countries worldwide, developing websites and applications for finance, trade, media, medicine, sports, construction, the automotive industry, and others.

The application they created will be functional and presentable, performing all the tasks – failures in the system are excluded due to preliminary testing. If you use their services, then the functions of your servers will be solved quickly and efficiently.

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