Editable blank California driver’s license template

blank California driver's license template

Many California residents often turn to various online stores to order copies of driver’s licenses in the highest quality so that they are no different from the original. This online platform is just such a store where each user can place an order, download an empty form to their computer for free and fill it out in Photoshop on their own.

What does the customer receive when ordering the driver’s license template?

Each customer can link to the mobile site of the online store and download the editable blank california driver’s license template to their personal computer for independent processing in Photoshop. When downloading a file, the user receives the following set of services and products of the company: 

  •         Free high-quality driver’s license template provided by the company for editing in Photoshop.
  •         Additional high-resolution PSD templates.
  •         A set of fonts that are needed to fill out the form so that it exactly matches the original.
  •         A set of training videos that include practical tips on the basics of the correct operation of Photoshop, as well as additional materials on filling out a driver’s license template downloaded from the site.
  •         A scanned document in a non-editable format.
  •         An additional printable version of the provided template for the document in question.
  •         4 types of background, shades, and structure that are fully consistent with the original document.
  •         A link to the Telegram channel of the online store, as well as an email address where each customer can ask a question or describe a problem that has suddenly arisen.
  •         An additional free bonus from the company for the customer who paid for the goods they have chosen.

The company provides an exact copy of the California driver’s license category D, which is made in the highest quality, without distortion of lines and colors, and is fully consistent with the original. The management of the online store guarantees the instant sending of the specified files in the archive immediately after payment for the goods, according to the price list, in the catalog on the official website.

How much does a document template cost and what currency is it possible to pay on the site?

The California driver’s license duplicate electronic document package described above can be ordered by the customer at the following retail rates:

  •         If the customer is an experienced Photoshop user or he was able to figure out this graphic editor after studying the training videos from the company, then the finished product, which is designed with his participation, will cost him $ 40.
  •         If the user does not have any skills in using Photoshop, and he needs the support of a professional graphic designer who works on demand on the platform’s website, then the cost of the goods rises to $50.

To pay for goods, you can use many types of the most popular electronic or cryptocurrency wallets, such as Neteller, USDT, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium, and Skrill, as well as many other coins.

The online store guarantees the best prices among competitors, as well as promotions and big discounts for all customers registered on the website. The high quality of the product, however, will remain unchanged, which guarantees complete customer satisfaction with the results.

Is it legal to make a driver’s license template in California?

If we consider this issue from the technical side, then the file sent to the customer from the online store is only a high-quality work of a graphic designer. Thus, obtaining and printing this duplicate of an official document does not entail any liability before the law.

At the same time, an official driver’s license can only be obtained after passing qualifying examinations in state institutions, and any copies issued through commercial structures that are not companies authorized by these authorities are considered fake. In this regard, upon presentation of such a document to the traffic police, a person risks paying a large fine or being arrested.

This means that the company supplying the product disclaims any liability if the customer tries to use the received document for its intended purpose, which is a serious crime in California.

The main advantages of the online store

The company’s customer base is expanding almost every day, as new customers turn to recommendations from regular product buyers, because the online store offers each user the following advantages compared to most competitors:

  •         The highly qualified staff of the company understands exactly what details should be paid special attention to when issuing a duplicate driver’s license so that the document completely repeats the appearance of the original version.
  •         A duplicate of an official document can be easily used to pass verification when registering a user on many electronic platforms, such as electronic payment systems, cryptocurrency exchanges, betting platforms, or online casinos, which also guarantees people complete confidentiality.
  •         The highest quality of the issued document, thanks to the use of only advanced modern equipment and software.
  •         The online store guarantees customers that there are no physical duplicates of the goods registered and poisoned after payment in the archives or on the servers, which also ensures anonymity and eliminates the risk of cyber attacks.
  •         To edit the template, you only need to use Photoshop, which can be easily installed on almost every personal computer.
  •         A very informative and useful interactive program for learning the basics of using Photoshop, which ensures that the customer quickly gains skills, even if he has never worked with similar software before.
  •         The user does not have to look for suitable fonts, since, along with the main product, he receives libraries with the necessary symbols and sizes from the online store.
  •         Each customer is notified of the liability when using the forwarded document for its intended purpose, and not when verifying the identity on various commercial websites.
  •         Convenient and simple online technical support for each customer via Telegram channel or email.
  •         One of the main advantages of the store is the ability to order a finished document, with the user’s data already entered from his ID, or other fictitious data, the graphic designers of the platform, after processing the request from the customer, will perform all the work quickly, efficiently, with a guarantee for the result, and this service costs only $10 more than a blank form filled in by the user himself.

To order a service for obtaining a California driver’s license template, it is recommended to go to the site right now and make a purchase through the catalog of the online store to get a favorable discount from the owners of the service.

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