10 Mind-blowing Facts About Key West That May Surprise You

Facts About Key West

The city of Key West boasts the reputation for being one of the most relaxing destinations in Florida, perhaps even throughout the US. Known as a place with beautiful tropical weather and a laid-back lifestyle, FACTS ABOUT Key West has a lot to offer to residents and tourists alike.

The Key West is home to a lot of attractions, amazing food, and an excellent experience that few other places in the country can offer. Are you currently deciding on where you should go for your next vacation? This guide might help you decide why Key West in the Florida Keys should be your next destination.

10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Key West That May Surprise You

Read about some of the most mind-blowing facts about Key West that could help you understand why this is the place that you should go to on your next vacation.

1. Key West seceded from the US in 1982

At an unofficial capacity, Key West managed to secede from the US in 1982 and declared itself as the Conch Republic. While it was never officially recognized as a sovereign nation, it is an interesting fact. The so-called Conch Republic was essentially formed in protest to the US Border Patrol establishing roadblocks that led to horrible traffic jams.

The residents of Key West protested and proclaimed their sovereignty. You can still see the famous Conch Republic flag in different areas of Key West, marked by a massive conch. To make matters funnier, the motto states, “We Seceded Where Others Failed.”

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2. Key West was originally called the “Bone Island.”

The word Key derives from the Spanish word “Cayo,” and the Spanish settlers of Key West referred to it as “Cayo Hueso” – translating roughly to Bone Island. The name was not given to the island without any reason.

Apparently, the settlers who came to the island were surprised by the substantial number of scattered bones throughout the island. Taking a ghost tour of the Key West on your next vacation to the Florida Keys can help you uncover more and learn about why it is also considered the most haunted island in the US.

3. It has the most bartenders per capita throughout the country

If you are in search of a good place to get a drink and quench your thirst, visiting Key West will mean that you will never have to worry about finding a bartender. According to an analysis conducted by the website Techsplesh, Key West has the highest concentration of bartenders per capita in the US, at a staggering 13.3 per 1,000 residents.

4. Key West is closer to Havana than it is to Miami

Cuba might seem like it is a world apart from most of the US. However, Key West residents are closer to the capital of Cuba than they are to Miami.

Havana is located approximately 90 miles from Key West. In contrast, Miami is roughly 160 miles away. Some people have spread rumors over the years that you can see Cuba from Key West. Unfortunately, those are just rumors. A visit to the Southernmost Point Buoy is still an amazing experience that you must enjoy at least once in your life.

5. Key West hosts the smallest parade worldwide

A peculiar fact about Key West is that it holds one of the most unnecessarily small parades in the world. The Fantasy Fest boasts a whimsical and interesting parade that takes place in a theater in Key West.

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The miniature procession of tiny floats travels down a model version of Duval Street, and you can enjoy the tiny spectacle on a big scale because it is projected onto a screen.

6. Key West was once the largest town in Florida

Key West was the largest town in Florida at one point because of its connection to New Orleans and its close distance to Cuba and the Bahamas.

7. Key West has the only commercial airport in the Florida Keys

Key West happens to host the only commercial airport in the Florida Keys. Marathon Key also has an airport, but that airport is only available for private flights.

8. It is home to several artificial reefs

The waters surrounding Key West are home to more than 23 artificial reefs. These artificial reefs have accidentally formed as corals, and tropical fish have decided to make homes in wrecked ships around the island that have been there for decades.

9. Key West was home to several famous personalities

Key West has a reputation for being one of the most laid-back places in Florida. It should come as no surprise that it became home to some of the most famous personalities our country has ever produced. A few of these popular names include Tennessee Williams, Paul Cotton, Jimmy Buffett, Calvin Klein, and even Ernest Hemingway.

10. The temperature here has never gone below 41 degrees

The average temperature in Key West remains within the 70 degrees range, and the weather is pleasant throughout the year. If you are looking for a vacation destination for the winters to find some reprieve from cold weather, there is no place better in the US than Key West.

The lowest-ever recorded temperature in Key West is 42 degrees Fahrenheit, and it has only happened twice on record: January 12, 1886, and January 13, 1981.

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