Travel 101: How Travelling Alone Can Mend Your Broken Heart

Travel 101: How Travelling Alone Can Mend Your Broken Heart

Love can either be your rainbow or your storm. It makes you cry, go crazy, laugh, smile, and even question the world for some times.

Apparently, not all those who gamble with love get their “…and they lived happily ever after” type of ending. Some relationships come to an unfortunate break-up – which is normal though.

Well, whether you’ve been cheated on, left behind for no reason, or simply trying to get over from the relationship that both of you decided to put to an end, stop blaming the whole universe, okay? There are lots of things you can do to move on rather than crying yourself to sleep or making yourself miserable.

Why not try to go down of your pedestal and explore the world? Yes, you’ve heard and read it right – going over places by yourself is something that you must try. Now, sit back, relax, and get a cup of tea while getting immersed in this article that tackles how solo travelling can easily mend your wounded heart.

1) A beautiful distraction and escape from the past

Solo travelling has more to offer than by just enjoying and cherishing the place you’re visiting by yourself. It’s a beautiful distraction that helps you escape from the painful past you’ve been through – from the jaw-dropping sceneries, mouth-watering foods and beverages, eye-popping attractions, to the experiences you’ve never had before.

As you accept the challenge of travelling alone, you’re more likely giving yourself the best chance to walk away from the failed relationship. And instead of being haunted by the memories from the past, you’re gathering new and precious ones on your own – which gradually helps you, recover from the painful break-up.

2) Gives a generous chance of meeting new people

You might not be ready to be around with people after the break-up – that’s the most usual thing people experience. Well, go out and travel by yourself and you’ll realise that getting around with and meeting new people isn’t actually a bad thing.

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You get a chance to share your thoughts and learn new things from them as well. And eventually, you’ll find out that getting along with new friends from different places is one of the best things that you can get from solo travelling.

3) Enhances self-reliance

When you make a commitment to solo travelling, you’ll slowly realise that your self-reliance is continuously improving from time to time. You now know how to be independent and figure things out on your own.

You get to book your own flight, decide on the best accommodation, pick the best minibus hire [coach hire and/or minibus hire are best options for travellers in Europe], select on the best dining to fill in your tummy, and create your very own itinerary while riding your minibus hire.

4) Effortlessly helps in self-restoration

It’s usual for people who are fresh from break-ups to feel totally worn out and helpless. But, questioning your worth isn’t really helpful. The best thing to do is to pick yourself up and go out of the four corners of your room. Pack your things, and go solo travelling.

Solo travelling effortlessly helps in self-restoration or self-appreciation. As you dive into different places alone, you’ll realise that you’re too worthy to chase the wrong person and to cry over the wrong love. An effective self-restoration leads to knowing that you deserve the best and only one true love can give you that.

5) Makes you discover new skills you’ve never known before

When you were stuck in a relationship [which you never thought wasn’t going to work out], there’s a big tendency that you’re limiting yourself for no reason. It’s innate for most partners to set corresponding boundaries to each other – they’ll tell their behalf to “don’t do this or that” and so on and so forth.

Well, after the break-up, look at the brighter side of life. You’re totally free now! You don’t have to be electrocuted as you go beyond the boundaries set before you. And as you go solo travelling, you’ll be amazed as you slowly discover certain skills you have that you’ve never known or you weren’t aware of before.

6) Offers perfect time and space which you definitely need

Going around from one place to another on your own gives you massive time and space that you might not be able to have when you were in a relationship. When you’re alone somewhere, you have 100% of those on your own.

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You get to wake up every morning without being bothered if you were able to send him/her a long good night message or whatever. As you enjoy different places alone, you’ll be amused by how you can have all the time and space just by yourself – the kind of feeling you may have been deprived of before.

7) Can absolutely be the love of your life

Most travellers have truly, deeply, and madly fallen in love with going around places by themselves. Why? It’s because they never thought that being alone and independent could be that good unlike being in a wrong relationship.

Travelling may break your pocket/wallet but never ever will break your heart. You can fall in love with solo travelling and have the safest and soundest sleep knowing it will never hurt you or cheat on you – what a perfect partner to have!

8) Makes you realise that life isn’t that harsh

At the end of the day, solo travelling will then make you understand that life isn’t that harsh to you. That it’s merely the failed relationship that made you think that the whole world is all against you.

And it’s only the wrong person that made you question your self-worth – nothing more, and nothing less. As soon as you step outside of your comfort zone, you’ll see the very beauty of life. You’ll realise that life is better when appreciated and is best without the toxic relationship and people from your past.

Final words:

How do you feel now? Are you still going to waste your time shedding tears for the wrong person? Get up, and pick your broken pieces, mate!

It’s time that you realise that love isn’t merely about getting into a relationship and it has more in store for you. In fact, love can be found anywhere around you; from your family, friends, picturesque nature, and from the love for yourself.

So, if you’re strongly determined to step away from being heartbroken, just open and read these pages. And if you’re already on the verge of forgetting your past, don’t forget to share your journey with our readers – it’s because thoughts and stories are better when shared!


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