8 Benefits of Swimming You Probably Aren’t Aware Of

8 Benefits of Swimming You Probably Aren’t Aware Of

Almost all ages can enjoy swimming – whether competitively or recreationally. That’s good because swimming actually has a lot of health benefits.

However, the water activity isn’t given much spot in the limelight. Swimming greatly helps people in the development of their general well-being.

Thus, this is the best time to give the recognition it definitely deserves. Read through the article and get mind-blown with the following benefits of swimming that you might not know from the start.

1. Offers head-to-toe workout

If you’re a lazy person that thinks of an easy-peasy kind of a workout, swimming is the best choice for you. This water activity will obligate you to move your whole body.

With the use of your arms, legs, stomach, and torso, you can successfully reach your first lap. What’s good about swimming is that it doesn’t make you sweat obviously when you’re submerged in the water.

2. Strengthens cardiovascular fitness

Swimming is a great way to strengthen your cardiovascular fitness which includes the heart, lung, and entire circulatory system. According to 2016 study, the water activity aids to depreciate blood pressure and regulate blood sugar levels.

3. Very much applicable for all ages and fitness status

There’s a great misconception that working out is only intended for the adults who consider maintaining their health and fitness status. However, swimming debunks that misconception.

Swimming is far different from the most commonly known types of workout. It’s because this water activity is very much applicable for all ages and fitness status.

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4. Do it either way: competitive or recreation

Swimming is unbelievably available for competitive and recreational purposes. If you think that this activity is merely for professional swimmers, you’re wrong.

It can be done as a sport or a simple recreational activity. It’s some sort of a flexible form of exercise or activity which is best for almost all ages.

5. Takes away stress and anxiety

With the calming water of the pool or waves of the ocean, swimming can instantly take your stress and anxiety away. When you’re swimming, you’ll have this feeling that you’re diving into another dimension or you’re transported into another world.

It might be hard to explain but the water and the activity itself soothes your mental health issues especially when combined together.

6. A relaxing and peaceful form of workout

Some people are finding it hard to pursue working out maybe because of the tiring and sweating process of other forms of exercise. Fortunately, swimming is different from those heavy and heart-pounding workouts.

This water activity is absolutely a soothing and peaceful form of exercise. It might seem a very basic form of a workout but it’s one of the most effective ways to lose weight and get your whole body as active as possible.

7. Definitely a life-saver

Knowing how to swim is a great advantage. Why? Swimming will be your weapon when disasters such as flooding occur.

Unpredictable incidents that involve the possibility of drowning can highly be prevented if you urge to learn swimming. Familiarisation with water can be done in infants as early as 2 months old – this will help them develop their water tolerance as well as their ability in swimming.

8. Advisable for people with injuries

If you have injuries or conditions like arthritis, doing heavy duties or exercises may be difficult for you. Don’t worry because you can still keep up with your health and fitness regimen by getting into the water.

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Swimming is possibly the calmest form of workout for people with bone issues. The water is incredibly effective for calming not only the mind but almost every part of your body.

Keeping up with swimming…

Read the following suggestions to kick-start your swimming skills.

  • Enroll in swimming classes – swimming coaches will be the ones to assist you to get familiar with the activity without feeling any pressure. The coaches are the most credible people to help you develop your swimming abilities.
  • Buy the fundamental equipment – swimming goggles, swimming caps, swimwear, kickboards and so on are the basic pieces of swimming equipment you must possess in the process of learning the water activity.

The swimming goggles help in protecting your eyes from the chemicals contained by the water, swimming caps secure your face from the possibility of being blocked by your hair when you go deep down the water (swimming caps also provide protection to your hair from the chlorinated water), swimwear can help you move comfortably and reduce drag, and kickboard develop your paddling skills.

  • Safety first – when you’re merely on the process of developing your swimming skills, don’t be too overwhelmed. Some people are too confident about swimming on their own even if they only know the basics of swimming.

You can enjoy or practice swimming without putting your safety at stake. Always call on someone who has great swimming skills or never go swimming alone at all.


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