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Card Game Apps

The nineteenth-century American humor writer, Henry Wheeler Shaw aka Josh Billings in the literary world, rightfully said:  ‘Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well.’ After all, card games are one of the oldest forms of quality family entertainment that brought everyone together after a busy day at work. The craze soon took over the digital world, when the first online card game was released in 1997 to audiences nationwide. However, over the years, everything has undergone a wide shift, including family time, which was once considered sacred and was never to be missed. Nonetheless, card games too, transformed as they entered the online realm, presenting greater opportunities to players.

Who now don’t just get to play their favorite card games but also have the opportunity to interact/socialize with foreign players and participate in global competitions, while making friends all around the globe! The best part is that online card games are no longer limited to desktop versions only. Many of these games now come with a smartphone app, that’s usually compatible with either iPhone or Android or with both! So whether a user likes to play UNO or Cards Against Humanity, all they need to do is get a version that can easily be downloaded and simply get ready to play! Since most of these online games are multiplayer, if one is unable to play with their friends, they can team up with other players, who could be in the same city or even located in different parts of the world! Listed below is a curated list of some popular favorites that have been reigning in the hearts of players with their fantastic plots and terrific play, not just within the U.S. but also all over the world.

Don’t Let a Glitchy Internet Service Spoil Your Game

Just make sure that your game is not interrupted by a glitchy service. Oft times, some of the best service connections start to falter when you want them to work out most! If that’s the case, we suggest that you restart your modem to remove the obstruction in the internet service. If that doesn’t work, call up customer service to find out how the issue can be resolved swiftly. If that doesn’t resolve the issue either, check out other ISPs in the region and see which one has a stable internet reception in your area. Consider a connection like speedy and reliable Grande Internet so that your game never gets stuck between the occasional service hiccup.

Read on to find out more about the top card game app, reigning supreme in the industry today!

Cultist Simulator

Cultist Simulator is one of the new games that has recently been released. It gained instant popularity in the game world amongst players for its high-end unconventionality. It is a single-card-based simulation game, which was developed by Weather Factory and published online by Humble Bundle. Since it is a narrative-driven simulation video game, it involves the player taking up the role of a citizen, whose role will eventually lead to attaining ‘the ultimate wisdom’ since this is what the search is all about.

The arrangement of cards and their blend with innumerable action buttons will result in their ultimate victory and failure! The card game chiefly allows the player to bring their rogue-ish side out while helping to accomplish specific tasks that will help the leader achieve their eventual objective. The card game is thoroughly enjoyable and most suited for young people, who enjoy fantasy or theme-based games and related pursuits. There are various stages involved, which come with exciting surprises for the player. Best to jump in blind in this one!

Gin Rummy Plus

If as a young kid, you enjoyed watching the adults play the classic card game of gin rummy, then this game probably holds some tender memories for you! Even with competition tight, Gin Rummy Plus is one of the popular games that’s loved by card game lovers everywhere! This is a conventional card game in which two players have to match their cards. The traditional 52-card deck includes Kings high with Aces low. Since the cards are rated as per their numerical value, with Aces considered worth of 1 while the face cards are ranked a worth of 10. The target of the game is to see which of the two players will reach 100 points first. A player is declared ‘rummy’ when all cards in their hands are given away. However, this is only stated if this move is undertaken for the first time.

In this case, the other player has to pay twice what their rival owed them. A piece of advice from the game developers: play with different players around the world so that one can get a hang of the various tactics that are employed by players online. Players also have the option to play the game with their loved ones and have access to exclusive game content and special events by the game developers. The best part is that the leaderboard allows a player to see their position in comparison with other players. Not to forget the countless opportunities that card game lovers get to earn and win free gold coins. Download the game now and share the love of the game with other players across the globe! Relive the game moments of your childhood and enjoy! Gin Rummy Plus is available for both Android and iOS. However, in-app purchases are available for iOS.

Exploding Kittens

The Oatmeal’s Mathew Inman created the awesome game, Exploding Kittens, whose main objective was to entice opponents to draw a fantastic deck until they pulled out the card of the Exploding Kitten. If a player is unable to pull out the Defuse card to destroy the rival threat, they are blown up, and ultimately removed from the game! Although traditional card game lovers may find this game absolutely silly and outrageous but it brings out a lot of laughs, fun, and silliness! After all, Google Play Store has rightfully described it as the Kitty version of the Russian Roulette. What makes this game stand out more is the total absurdity of its artwork and animation, which makes this a fantastic addition to a player’s card game collection.

Exploding Kitty can be played with 2 players, which can even go up to 5 or even more. After all, the more the merrier seemed to fit here just right. The best part is the game comes with no ads to divert you from this game of fun and frolic. Since this is an online card game, players will find that in-app purchases are involved. So if they want to unlock more fun features of the game, they will have to select the premium plan. Otherwise, this is a complete premium pricing game, so don’t be surprised, if, after a couple of laughs and some rib-tickling fun, you are asked to pay up to open up extra features.

Wrapping Up

The bottom line is that traditional card games continue to flourish today with the same popularity and love as they did before in ancient times. Even though they are adored as much as other simulation games are, online card games bring a new variety to the table. In general, card games will never get old. So whether one plays these games online or with an actual deck of cards in their hands, these card games are meant to bring all dear ones together, build new memories, have a good time, and cherish these special moments together forever.

However, just make sure that your game is not interrupted by a glitchy service. If your connection is giving you problems, maybe it’s a sign that you need to switch your ISP. Simply check out BuyTVInternetPhone where a wide range of internet connections, which are both speedy yet reliable!

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